Life in Modesto

by Among Ashheaps and Millionaires

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This is just an EP that a group of guys looking for redemption from their days as the local cult classic Geriatric Criminals put together. It's a collection of songs about how hard it sucks to live in Modesto. There's a pretty wide range in terms of when the songs were written. One of them was written more than two years ago, one was written seven hours before we started recording, and the other two were written in June of 2011. If you can guess when each one was written, we'll probably give you a prize or something. Also, if you can correctly transcribe the lyrics to the ska section of Twelve Months, we'll definitely give you a prize because I have no fucking idea what the actual words are anymore. This album is also available for free on


released July 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Among Ashheaps and Millionaires Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: A Cough
It's a damn good time to get out of California.
Not just the state but the entire west coast.
It's time to leave the grime and run until my lungs are full of fresh air.
I've had this cough to long considering that I never smoke.
Track Name: Twelve Months
I've been waiting for so long for my chance to leave this town. Imported to the city of crack whores and bail bonds, gang violence and rednecks really bum me out. So I'll move away. 3,000 miles to the east. So I'll move away. And forget this stupid place.
Just one more year and then I'm gone to a place not quite so wrong for me. Just stick it out for these twelve months, I've only gotta do it once and then I'm free.
(Ska part ???????????????? see album description for information on ska part contest)
Track Name: The Modesto Nuts Vs. Spraynard
So I'll sit here contemplating leaving because it's just that bad to think of myself out of work, to think of myself in a classroom. And I can't stand the thought of the complacency that I've fallen into.
So I'll go out east and I'll make the plans of my two years younger self my reality. And even if it sucks, and even if I'm alone it'll be worth it because I'll have done something for myself.
Now that I'm leaving I'll have no regrets at all. What I'll do is more important than what I've done x10000000000
Track Name: 2 A.M.
It's 2 A.M. again and I can feel it in the space behind my eyes. I keep spending these days losing friends while I lose my motivation. The flooded sidewalks had might as well be rivers keeping me from making the most of where I live. But the patterns are unavoidable.
One day you'll find you want to leave this god damn city behind and that's the way you'll know that it's your home. Maybe you'll start to say, "Sitting on this couch just isn't my way," it's the little things that waste all of my time.
Back home to the empty houses and the people out of work. It's easy to forget how bad things are when you're gone from all the dirt. The meth heads squatting houses and the gangs that roam the streets while I'm 600 miles away complaining about the lack of heat. But the sun still shines in Oregon and when it does it's much more sweet. You know the day won't come when you proclaim you're sick of the summer heat.
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